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The pictures are stunning. Seriously, stunning. Looking through them brought back so many memories from that day. Somehow, you managed to capture the look in our eyes as we saw each other for the first time and the small quiet moments that we shared with our family and each other. The posed photographs came out lovely, but the impromptu ones, the slightly offbeat ones and just the candid shots really made me feel like I was back in the moment. I'm so grateful. -- Christine

The photos arrived and we absolutely love them. I can't wait to get some of them framed. I'm going to try my best to do it again next year as they grow up so very fast. Thank you. -- Sarah

Dear Avery, I cannot thank you enough for the photos. The ones of my son and I are beautiful. I have never had such beautiful pictures of the two of us. THANK YOU. -- Hannah Perry, artist for children; The Giggling Pig

The shots are fantastic! They brought tears to my eyes. -- Linda

We got the pictures today...they came out great! We are really happy with them! You probably already saw that one of them is on Facebook already....good profile pic! -- Jessica

We didn't want too many posed photos of us at our wedding, instead, we wanted natural shots, with us surrounded by our friends and family in the spectacular setting of Northern Ireland. Avery did a brilliant job capturing the day on film. We love the photos she took of our wedding...they are the perfect memento of the event. -- Zsuzsanna Posta & Philip Nichols

You slip around unnoticed and are always in the right spot at the right time! -- Elizabeth

The pictures are beautiful! -- Katherine

Avery, they are amazing. You did such a wonderful job! -- Jennifer

THESE ARE GREAT!!! I love them! -- Ewa

Thanks Avery! We’ll be enjoying these for years to come! -- Steve

I am blown away by your exceptionally beautiful photos of the night blooming Cereus. Through the years dozens of pictures have been taken of the blossoms this plant has produced, but none has ever captured the mesmerizing detailed beauty of these flowers that your photos have. -- Kay

The picture looks great!! The framing is really nice. I LOVE it!!-- Deb

Wow! We love the photos you sent. They came out really nice!!!!! -- Sabine

Seeing these pictures has brought tears to my eyes. You've captured a part of Madison and Harrison the way only you can do. I love these pictures so much. The ones of Harrison with Max are so priceless. You have no idea how much it means to have these images. Thank you so much. -- Hannah

Sara and James - Wedding Album

We got it [the wedding album] today! Oh my gosh, it's amazing! So much better than I expected it to be. It looks so, so great in person, not that it didn't online, but its just amazing. Even the packaging is great! I don't want to take it out =) Thanks again for all you did for us! We are overjoyed with all the pictures and albums!